Women of the Mountain is a documentary that chronicles the immense power that comes from breaking free from generational cycles of abuse.

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Proof of Concept

Our proof of concept is a window into the amazing stories of the women in our film. Filming is nearly complete we look
forward to sharing more as our story continue. Please inquire to view the Proof of Concept.

preserving languages & history

In addition to the film there will also be an interactive exhibition that will transport viewers to the Himalayas, Alps, Sierra Nevada and Appalachians while teaching them about their ancient history and language through a virtual reality (VR) experience. Viewers will learn about the history of these peaks and passes through the voices of the resilient women whose ancestors have lived there for centuries. Many of these mountain languages, such as Washoe, spoken by the Washoe Native Americans in the Sierra Nevada, are disappearing and it is critical they are captured and shared before they are gone forever.
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press and media

Rebecca has already received international acclaim for the powerful message in Women of the Mountain.
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Rebecca shares the message of Women of the Mountain with students across India at an event commemorating Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi.

Rebecca shares the message of Women of the Mountain with students across India at an event commemorating Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi.

Women of the Mountain moderates the release of "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Cheryl Strayed.

United Nations World Mountain Day Presentation


We are so thankful for our Executive Producers and Sponsors who make this film possible.


REGINA K. SCULLY - artemis rising foundation

Regina K. Scully is the Founder and CEO of Artemis Rising Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to developing and promoting Media, Education and the Arts that transform our culture. Ms. Scully is a three-time Emmy Award-winning and Academy-nominated producer of The Invisible War, the powerful 2012 film about the epidemic rapes of women and men in the military. She is also Academy-nominated producer of the song, “Til it happens to you”, sung by Lady Gaga – theme song for the film, The Hunting Ground. Ms. Scully has produced upwards of one hundred documentary films, shining a light on some of the most challenging social issues of our time.


Gabrielle Hull - Environment and Social Justice Advocate

Gabrielle is passionate about making the world a better place by working on environmental and social justice initiatives.  With an MBA, MA and BA from Stanford University and her background as an entrepreneur and strategist in the technology industry, she blends strategic and visionary thinking while creating connections between people and ideas to make meaningful change in policy, legal rights, media and business practices.


Elizabeth, Katherine and Kevin Phillips

The Phillips Family has generously supported Women of the Mountain since 2014.

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All contributions make this film possible, are greatly appreciated, and are tax-deductible. Tax-deductible contributions can be made through our fiscal sponsor New York Women in Film and Television. Your support ensures Rebecca is able to finish the film and get this much-needed message of empowerment into schools, organizations, businesses and homes around the globe.